• Image of Unforgettable Moments - Circles on Circles Saturday 2.30pm - 4.30pm spaces left

3 mdf circles and lots of mdf rings are the base to this piece of art
loads of flowers and a few other little bits will finish it off nicely
NOTE- this is not a layout it is wall art
Limited kits will be available when the class is full
I will be sending out the"what to Bring" on the 30th June
When these classes are released I will be out of the country I will answer your email/class booking on my return on the 11th June
If you would like to book direct please send me an email to
robbiebell123@hotmail.com and pay the required funds into
11 8500 0575587 32 with your chosen class and name
if possible please do individual bookings for these classes so they are easier to track

Sold Out